Made with Eco Wax. Our own special blend of wax contains Coconut Oil and Rapeseed Oil and nothing else. Free From Palm, Soy, Beeswax, Paraffin, Polymers, GMO Material. Our cotton wicks are lead and zinc free. Our tins are made of aluminium and manufactured in Hull. Our wax as described above is made with rapeseed from the UK and Europe and the Coconut fields are ran by independent indigenous farmers. You are therefore supporting the smaller farmer free from the corporate stronghold. As increasing evidence suggests that Soy farming uses GMO and contributes to deforestation we have made the decision to progress to using our own Eco Wax blend.

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Fragrance Choice (aa-k)

Alien, Apple Blackberry, Apple Strudel, Baby Powder, Bats Bum, Bluebell Woods, Berry Dance, Blac Orchid, Black Pomegranate, Black Raspberry Pepp, Blueberry Vanilla, Champers Clementine, Cherry Bakewell, Cherry Cassis Fig, Christingle, Christmas Spice, Citronella, Cranberry Orange cin, Crazy Choc Orange, Cucumber Spa, Damnson Plum Patch, Dark Plum, Espresso Martini (NEW), Fallen Angel, Frankincense Myrrh, Fresh Linen, Warm Gingerbread, Honey Tonka Bean, Kreed, Infinite Oud


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