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My Longridge Alpaca Experience


My Longridge Alpaca Experience

Discovering Alpacas

Ever wondered what an alpaca is? Hailing from South America, this camelid species, often confused with llamas, has a charm of its own. Get the full scoop here: Alpaca Wiki.

Meeting the Alpacas at Longridge

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting four charming boys at Longridge Alpacas – Reggie, Claude, Persia, and Maui – all under the caring eye of Josie, the founder. At just 18 months old, these alpacas are undergoing training, proving to be an intelligent and delightful bunch.

Interacting with the Alpacas

Nestled in a serene rural setting with 3 acres of play fields and shelter, these boys are a joy to interact with. You can not only feed and pet them but also book an adventurous alpaca walk (booking in advance is a must!).

A Heartwarming Experience

I had the privilege of feeding them, and their gentle acceptance of treats from my hands was heartwarming. This experience is perfect for families with young children, so booking in advance is highly recommended. The alpacas’ thick coats are sheared and spun into materials for scarves and more. Josie, the heart and soul behind Longridge Alpacas, welcomed me warmly, sharing insightful information about her beloved alpacas.

The Meet and Greet Experience

During the Meet and Greet, you get to prepare their food, offer it to them, and even make up their beds for the evening. Check out the heartwarming videos here: Video 1 and Video 2.

Pricing and Booking

Priced at just £5 per person for a one-hour visit, inclusive of a hot/cold drink, this Meet and Greet experience is an absolute steal. Booking in advance is recommended and can be done here.


Don’t miss out on this delightful and reasonably priced experience, conveniently located less than 10 minutes from The Shippon. I hope your visit is as heartwarming as mine. Special thanks to Josie and her fantastic alpaca crew! If you want somewhere nearby to stay check out our website

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