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Things to do near me

Things to do near me

Things to do near me.

As Autumn 2023 unfolds its tapestry of hues, and Winter tiptoes closer, seize the opportunity for a midweek stay or a rejuvenating weekend break at The Shippon Luxury Holiday Let.

Discover The Shippon: A Cosy Retreat in Nature’s Embrace

Nestled between Longridge and Chipping, on the fringes of the enchanting Forest of Bowland, The Shippon beckons with its allure. This idyllic holiday cottage boasts panoramic views and a delightful hot tub, inviting you to unwind beneath the canvas of star-studded skies—a truly magical experience.

Autumn Evenings at The Shippon

Bid farewell to the distant memories of summer as the chilly nights draw near. Here at The Shippon, you have the freedom to create your retreat. Whether it’s a snug evening in front of the crackling log burner with a movie or a romantic escapade enveloped in soothing background melodies, the choice is yours.

Things to do near me -Explore Local Gems: Market Towns and Countryside Adventures

Should the wanderlust strike, venture to the nearby Market Towns of Longridge, Clitheroe, and Garstang. These charming locales offer a tapestry of independent retail shops, boutiques, and gastronomic delights in award-winning restaurants—a mere stone’s throw from The Shippon.

The Ribble Valley countryside unfolds its beauty in myriad walks suited for all abilities. Conclude your adventure at a local pub, savoring a delectable bite and a pint of locally brewed ale.

Your Stay, Your Way: Relaxation or Adventure

Whether you seek tranquil relaxation or spirited adventure, The Shippon caters to your desires. Book directly, and an exclusive 10% discount awaits you—simply enter DIRECT into the promo code.

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Your Journey Begins: We Anticipate Your Arrival

As we eagerly await your presence, envision your Autumnal escape at The Shippon. Nature’s wonders, cozy evenings, and enchanting landscapes—all harmonize to create an unforgettable retreat. Book now and embark on a journey crafted for serenity and discovery.

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